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Ohio man charged with raping girl

NewsOhio man charged with raping girl

A Ohio male was accused of raping a 10-year old girl, who later went to the neighboring state of Indiana for an abortion the case which Joe Biden highlighted in criticizing the US supreme court ruling that ended an abortion right that is universally available.

Gerson Fuentes 27-year-old Gerson Fuentes He was arrested on Tuesday, appeared before Franklin countyin Ohio Municipal court in Franklin county, Ohio for arraignment on Wednesday. An investigator from the police testified during the hearing that Fuentes confessed to having raped the girl at least two times.

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The woman in the case had an abortion in nearby Indiana the month of June. the officer said.

An all-encompassing prohibition of abortions within Ohio at the end of the six-week gestation period – when most women know that they are expecting – came into effect just hours following the supreme court’s ruling which was a reversal of Roe v Wade, the 1973 decision that created a constitutional right to have an abortion.

The story gained media attention this month after it was reported that the Indianapolis Star newspaper reported she needed the need to go to Indiana to get an abortion due to being three days late in Ohio’s 6-week limit, which doesn’t exclude exceptions for rape, or incest.

Abortions after six weeks remain legal in Indiana, though the Republican-controlled state legislature is expected to consider new restrictions later this month.

Biden Biden, an Democrat was quoted as speaking about the girl during remarks to reporters on access to abortions.

“Just imagine being that little girl – 10 years old,” he swore in the White House on Friday.

Fuentes is in custody in jail on a $2m bond. He is scheduled to appear in the hearing to be held on the 22nd of July.

The court-appointed defense lawyer for Fuentes did not respond immediately to a request to comment.

All in all 26 US states have severely limited abortions following the decision or are likely to follow suit in the next few weeks and months.

Some conservatives had doubted the truthfulness in an Indianapolis Star story.

The Republican Ohio attorney general, Dave Yost, told the USA Today Network Ohio bureau on Tuesday that the allegations are “more likely than not a fabrication” since there had been no arrests made and there was no evidence to support the claim, The Ohio’s Columbus Dispatch reported.

However, in a statement released on Wednesday following the arrest, Yost, who defended the state’s ban for six weeks in the state court following the supreme court’s decision in the case, said “My heart breaks for the pain of the child. I am thankful for the tireless efforts by Columbus police department.” Columbus police department in obtaining an admission of guilt and getting a sexual predator off the streets.”

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